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If you’ve ever submitted a press release and then not heard anything – and certainly not seen it in print – you’re probably somewhat disillusioned about the value of PR. However, being featured in the media is really great for your profile and visibility as an expert in your field.

So – how do you get your press release past the editor’s ‘spike’?

That’s where Panpathic Communications comes in.

Panpathic Communications is a specialist PR and Communications agency working exclusively with small businesses and authors. We help you build your profile and reach 1000s of potential customers through PR, social media and effective communications that inspire action.

Panpathy means ‘a thought or feeling shared by all’ – and that’s what great communications are all about; encouraging everyone to share the same thought and feeling about your company or your book.

So what do you get if you work with Panpathic?

Firstly, you’ll get the unique perspective that Panpathic Communications offers their clients; that of the journalist. If you engage us to help you to deliver your message, you can be sure that we know – and will deliver – precisely what the journalists and editors want. How can we say that? Because our founder, Chantal Cooke, is an award winning broadcaster and journalist and she works personally on each and every campaign.

If you’d like to draw the curtain back on what editors really want you’ll find Panpathic Communications offers both an excellent and valuable PR service and, if you’d like to develop your own skills, first class PR training that will:

• Help you to understand what makes a good story

• Show you how to construct a great press release

• Give you an insight into how to develop good relationships with the press

You’ll be working with people who have worked on both sides of the fence – as journalists and as a PR agency – so you can be confident that you’ll be getting the whole story and a strong foundation in managing the media.

Find out more about our PR agency services or explore the training options and get your message in front of the right people in the way they want to see it!




Member of the Chartered Institue of Public Relations

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